Do You Know Who Your Competition Is?

In order to create a better service based business you really need to know who your audience is and what they are all about. One of the easiest ways to find that out is by studying your competition since they deliver the same or similar services as you do. This due...

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Outsourcing Strategies for the Virtual Assistant

You may have heard about outsourcing done by big companies. The same principles can work for smaller home-based businesses like a Virtual Assistant business that is in need of help. Outsourcing can be of great benefit when you are working by yourself. It is nearly...

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When Should a Virtual Assistant Outsource?

In order to create a successful Virtual Assistant business, you must learn to outsource. By doing that, you can have your outsourcers to do the things you don’t do well, don’t want to do or who can simply do whatever you need done cheaper thereby saving you money....

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How to Turn One-Time Projects into Long-Term Clients

If you have a lot of one-time projects that don’t turn into long-term clients, it is important to look at how you are offering your services and marketing them. If your clients are happy with your work but don’t contract with you long term, or often ask you to do one-off projects at the last minute, there may be something you can do in terms of your marketing plan to eliminate this issue.

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How to Keep Your Emotions From Affecting Your Business

Business and emotions don’t really seem to mix very well. But as emotions are a daily part of our lives, short of becoming robotic, you may be faced with the two intermingling at some point owning a Virtual Assistant business. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track and overcome emotions in your business life:

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How to Stop Overwhelming Your Client Prospects

It takes a lot to grab the attention of your client prospects. In fact, in most cases you have to connect with a potential client several times before they click on that magic button to learn more about you. You probably use a variety of means to grab attention. For example, you might use social media, content marketing and even advertising. Once you have your prospect’s attention, are you overwhelming them?

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Are You Rewarding Your Existing Clients?

Don’t you hate it when you see those commercials offering new customers huge discounts over what you are now paying as a long-term customer? Apartments, cell phone companies, and cable companies are especially guilty of this practice.

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