Let’s face it, it’s happened to you. You’re in the middle of your business day and your internet goes down. Sometimes it’s a welcomed excuse. You can’t do business without the internet, right? Other times it’s a huge inconvenience.

How to Be Productive in Business When Your Internet is Down

Relocating isn’t Always Desirable

You can, of course, head to your local coffee shop with your laptop and your task list. The good news about our society is that you can find Wi-Fi at just about any fast food shop or coffee shop. There are supermarkets, fine dining restaurants, and even shopping malls with free Wi-Fi. Your local library usually has Wi-Fi too and is a quiet hotspot to work. SO if you absolutely need the internet, you can of course pack up and seek it.

However, relocating isn’t always desirable or possible. Some people work from home so that they are able to also care for their children and loved ones. It’s quite a trick to load up a gaggle of children and take them to the coffee shop so mommy or daddy can work. These small productivity tricks can help you get things done even if you don’t have internet.

 #1 Mind Map and Brainstorm

These moments when the internet is down are ideal moments to problem solve and plan for the future. Grab a pen and paper or if you have mind mapping software on your computer, and strive to solve a few of your business challenges. You can use this time to plan a new product or service launch. To brainstorm promotions for the upcoming quarter, or to help fine tune some of your processes and systems.

TIP: I downloaded this FREE Mindmapping software and mapped out my whole marketing plan for the year in just one morning. I also took Bob’s course on Mindmapping as I wanted to jump over the learning curve quickly and start mindmapping.

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 #2 Clean and Organize

Take the opportunity of a down connection to do all of those little organizing tasks that you’ve been putting off. File that two foot stack of papers on your desk. Clean up your computer’s desktop. Organize your receipts so that when tax time comes around you’re just a touch more prepared than last year.

 #3 Write

You don’t need the internet to write content or to start on that book you’ve been meaning to write. Use the quiet time to get ahead on your writing projects. If you come to a point in your writing where you need to do a little research, make a note to yourself and keep writing.

Sometimes being without the internet is a good thing. You can relax. You can reassess. You can also be productive. Identify tasks that you can accomplish without the internet and turn those unexpected surprises into productive moments.

What do you do when your internet is down?

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