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Whether you are a Virtual Assistant who is just starting out and needs some rock solid advice “what next?”

Or you already have a VA business but you’re feeling really STUCK in your entrepreneurial growth …

Let me help you clear the clutter and take revenue-generating ACTION

I’m Tawnya Sutherland and since 2005, I’ve been working with Virtual Assistants (Freelancers and Service Providers like Graphic Designers, ghostwriters, social media managers, etc.) to help them clear the clutter and take revenue-generating ACTION!

I’ve personally coached 1000s of Virtual Assistants over the years and I don’t hold anything back with my protégés. I give everything I have and then some. VAs who work with me get the full benefit of my skills, knowledge, experience and PASSION for helping entrepreneurs succeed online in this increasingly competitive industry.

If you’re struggling with your VA business right now, you might find yourself constantly asking these questions:

  • Will I ever have a FULL roster of clients that I LOVE to work with?
  • Can I really ask for a HIGHER RATE and GET it?
  • Why don’t the people I love “get” what I’m trying to do?
  • Is it always going to be THIS hard to make money in my business?
  • Do I have the skills and experience to make this fly, profitably?
  • Can I get more clients with my website or social media? How?

I asked myself all of the above questions and more when I started out as a Virtual Assistant over 20 years ago and I struggled to try to figure it out all by myself. Now, does this mean you have to stumble through and work yourself to the bone as I did? Do you have to work so many hours a day at the computer that you can’t see straight? Do you have to keep taking extra “shifts” at another job just to get by until “things get better in the business?”

No, no and NO! I can’t stand to see smart, hardworking women (and men) like you suffering and struggling in their VA businesses.

Because you really don’t have to!

Had I known 20 years ago what I just started to figure out 10 years ago I’d have grown my businesses twice as quickly. (And with half the heartache!)

Wouldn’t it be great to cut YOUR “learning curve” by half?

Again and again, in my coaching discussions with VAs, I see that the knowledge and wisdom I’ve acquired over the years is TEACHABLE.  And the challenges inherent in starting a VA business are COACHABLE.

With a couple of decades of skills, experience and some hard knocks too, I’m ready to share my hard-won wisdom with YOU.

Because there is no faster way to business success than having a devoted, caring Coach at your side.

I signed on with Tawnya for coaching sessions and her advice and knowledge truly helped me propel my VA business forward. The level of knowledge she has of Internet Marketing and also everything Virtual Assistant related really gave me the boost I needed to get my business going and going well. Her experiences are varied and very valuable; Tawnya started her own VA business from scratch and has many bits of advice that any new or newer VAs would do well to listen to and to take to heart. The support and coaching Tawnya provided me helped me build my VA business so that three years after starting, I now have a successful VA practice with a team of VA associates and a 6 figure income business.
Kathy Colaiacovo of Pepper It Marketing

I’ve put together a few coaching options depending on your schedule and budget to take away the fear and trepidation that is holding you back from the success and financial freedom you’re striving for. I will help you LEAP OVER the roadblocks that are stopping you from achieving your dreams of being a highly successful Virtual Assistant.

The best investment you can make in your business is an investment in YOU…

Let me help you LEAP OVER the roadblocks that are stopping you from achieving your dreams of being a highly successful Virtual Assistant.

Bottom Line: Sparking a change in your service-based business couldn’t be any easier than this, so listen to your intuition and let me motivate you to higher levels of success in your business that you’ve always wanted today.

Take the first step toward your new life as a highly successful Virtual Assistant!

To Your Virtual $uccess!

Tawnya Sutherland

I had the same client for years, then found myself needing to market for clients. I was feeling very stuck. I knew that I had great value to offer, but I had no idea how to present my services. My website was very out of date, to say the least. Through our MotiVAtor Sessions, Tawnya gave me specific solid advice on how to match my skills to the updated services the market was asking for. She took me from being completely stuck to a freshly updated website, a great referral program, updated social media profiles, several ideas on how to build my email list, how to expand my services with current clients, and solid, doable tips on obtaining new clients. I really did have a business breakthrough and put into place her revenue generating ideas and suggestions, I have gained confidence and clarity, a good solid game plan and more specifically have already signed on a new client.
Beth Berry ~ Berry Services

My coaching sessions with Tawnya Sutherland were even better than I’d hoped. Tawnya had me fill out a questionnaire ahead of time, and she considered all of my answers before we even met. She tailored my coaching sessions to what I wanted, and needed. Tawnya patiently worked with me on my website and editing service packages and helped me narrow my focus. After meeting with Tawnya, I felt motivated and ready to take on the next steps for my VA business. The recorded sessions are a wonderful bonus because I can go back to them anytime to make sure I haven’t missed anything. THANK YOU, Tawnya!! What a blessing you are to the virtual assistant community!
Irene Chambers ~ Virtual Assistant

After being in a virtual assistant business for a few years I decided to invest in Tawnya’s coaching to revamp my website. With her experience in the VA and affiliate industry, I knew I would get results. During our sessions, she put things in perspective and let me use my creativity. Now a year later, my site is going strong. My podcast, Virtual Team 360, is about ready to launch and Tawnya is on top of my list to be interviewed. The end result showed the investment paid off.
Collette Schultz ~ Virtual Assistant