Time to TOOT my own horn that is!

Everyone who knows me or is on my email list will say that I’m an awesome online marketer. I’m a Super Affiliate and have won a ton of prizes selling other people’s products that I believe in and use myself. I even graduated from the University of British Columbia as a Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist so have the wallpaper to prove my marketing expertise.

Much to my surprise the other day, I found out that I really need to start tooting my own horn more. Let me tell you the story…

I was at the Beach House, on the hot seat with my coaches, talking about my Virtual Assistant Career training program. After a few odd glares and uncomfortable moments of silence, I was totally SHOCKED to find out they’d never heard of it before. WHAT???

Now, this is my signature training program I’ve been selling for the past 15 years which has helped train thousands+ of VAs to get their business up and running, turning a profit. Obviously, people are finding my training on the web but mostly they hear about it through word of mouth marketing (which is a compliment IMO) as I rarely promote it myself. Somehow I find it difficult to talk about myself, which is normal so I hear with people that are nurturers like me.

My Virtual Assistant Career training program helps you get your Virtual Assistant business up and running, quickly and easily within a month. It comes with a 30 module online training center, coaching, a website, private networking #VAforum and even certification plus a bunch of other goodies. Everything you would ever need to start up a Virtual Assistant business, open the doors and start making money selling your services.

Anyhooooo…my Coach suggested I run a contest to giveaway one Virtual Assistant Career training program to get a bit of exposure for it this week and stir some interest online. GOOD LUCK!


YES! I’m giving away to one lucky person my Virtual Assistant Career training program. Check it out by clicking here.

All you have to do to enter is type a comment below and answer these 2 questions in your comments below:

  1. If you won my Virtual Assistant Career training program, how would it change your life?
  2. What part of my Virtual Assistant Career training program excites you the most?

I’ll read through all of the responses and choose one random.org winner who answered both questions at midnight on April 10th, 2019. I’ll notify everyone via email who the winner is.

Just comment below to be entered to WIN!

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