Networking with other Virtual Assistants who are doing exactly what you are doing is a genius way to share and learn from each other.

Hanging out with others of like-mind can boost your confidence, increase your knowledge in the business and who knows, you might make some good friends along the way to socialize with in off business hours.

If you are looking for fantastic hotspot to network with other Virtual Assistants, why not check out the VAnetworking Forum which has been online since 2003. It’s FREE to join, has had over 15,000 members pass through its doors and has the answer to every question you could ever dream of asking about working virtually.

Forums are a unique way to network when you want to! You can log in anytime of the day and read the most recent posts. In larger forums like VAnetworking’s Forum you can be guaranteed you’ll get an answer to your questions almost immediately once you post it.

Some people say forums can be a time waster, and it is true that you can easily get sidetracked on forums with all the information available to you and drain your day away.  You can do this on Twitter or Facebook too so you have to discipline yourself. I recommend visiting VAnetworking’s Forum for a specific period of time each day and spend that time wisely – sharing tips and discussing interesting topics for example – then it will be of great contribition to your Virtual Assistant Business. Myself, I visit before I start my day and then when I end my day.

Many valuable friendships and joint ventures have been made through online networking forums.  The key, like with most things, is to use moderation and common sense.

When visiting the forums use your time wisely.  Be friendly and contribute to the informal chitchat from time to time, but don’t make it the emphasis of your time at the forums.

When you see a topic that your are experienced in than chime in there and give a few nuggets of information.  They may then be an expert on a topic that you are less familiar with and help answer some of your questions in the future.

The members in the VAnetworking community are positive and inspiring.  You’ll leave the forum feeling that you have gained something and are ready to get back to work on your business.

If you miss the corporate chit chat at the water-cooler or in the lunch room then head over to VAnetworking’s Forum and make a home for yourself there. You’ll find out in just one visit that your business will benefit highly by networking here.

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See you there!


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