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Nothing says it more about a product than hearing about it from the customers mouth!

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As I write this, my napping three-year-old son is nestled in my lap.  Most moms do not have the luxury of being at home with their children while still pursuing their future. I am a very fortunate woman. For many years, I dreamt of having my own business.  I longed to be at the reigns and in charge of my own destiny.  I was tired of working for the sake of paying my bills and was sick of not seeing my hard work pay off.  I wanted the chance to let my creativity blossom. It was not until my maternity leave that I began to explore how I could work from home.  During my first ultra sound, it was determined that my son, Avery, had bilateral clubfeet.   Avery would require intense treatment for the first six months of his life.   I knew there was no going back to the “nine to five” world.  My boy needed me! About the time Avery’s treatment ended, I came across the VAnetworking.com.  As I read posts on the VAnetworking forum, I became intrigued and saw the potential of making a living from home. I needed to work fast as my maternity leave was now half over.  All of my research pointed to starting a VA practice.  Not feeling I could do it with out support, I looked into government programs and signed up to take part in a Self Employment Program. The first stage of the program was an intensive three-week session that many people do not complete.  A few weeks prior to the start of the program, Tawnya Sutherland introduced the Virtual Assistant Career System (VAC).  Having been a member of VAnetworking Forum now for six months, I was very familiar with Tawnya and was eager to learn from her. Days before I entered the first stage of the Self Employment Program my VAC system arrived.  Entering the SE Program, I had a leg up on my classmates as I had a guide at my side.  As I worked my way through stage one of the SE Program, I constantly referenced my VBSS system.  Here I was entering a newly emerging profession that most people had never heard of yet I had all of the answers readily available!  Although hard work, the SE Program, and its facilitators played a role in my success, I know that my outcome would have been very different had I not had the VAC system at my side. After successful completion of the first stage, I continued forward in pursuit of being accepted into the one-year program.  Although I presented a strong case and the program coordinators were impressed with my proposed business I was denied acceptance.  In short, I was employable and I not accepted into the full program. I was crushed!  All of my plans had centered on being in the program, which included ongoing business training as well as an allowance for living expenses for the first year of operation.  What would I do know?  Put Avery in daycare and get a dead-end job? No way!  I had all of the VAs at VAnetworking.com behind me and I had my VAC system!   I utilized the exercises in the system to decide on my business name and register it.  Then with the help of the VAC, I secured my domain name and created my logo from a templates in the System, this saved me hundreds of dollars. Looking back now, I see that this detour was the best thing that could have happened for my family and my business.  The VAC system has directed me to select the best training, enabled me to align myself with the right people, and provided me with the very best reference material available. The result is that Avery has remained at home with me and I now successfully run not one but two businesses from my home.  I love where my professional life is heading and I am thrilled with my VA practice and eagerly building my new business with Watkins.  I still regularly reference my VAC System and am excited to see where the tools in this online training system will lead both of my businesses. Tiffeny Russell, Victoria, BC, Canada

 It’s one thing to be an entrepreneur, to conceptualize a business idea that works for your lifestyle; it’s another thing to put it in motion, to know what you need to actually get your concept off the ground. I purchased Ms. Sutherland’s “Virtual Assistant Career” because I needed help with all the pieces that would bring me a solid foundation to my business. Sure, I had some ideas and thoughts of certain aspects required to run an independent administrative support service, but being the type of person who wants to do everything right the first time, I wanted to ensure I’d covered all the bases. The VAC was an excellent online training center tailored to the rapidly emerging virtual assistant industry. Not only did she provide a very well-structured and easy-to-follow manual, she included a ton of templates, some very informative ebooks and a myriad other valuable extras that far supersede the price I actually paid for the System. I’m impressed that Ms. Sutherland had the vision and forethought to create this incredible resource specifically for our industry, considering it is still a fairly new concept. I give considerable credit to the VAC System for getting me up and running within six short months! My client base is growing rapidly and thankfully I have this very thorough resource tool, which has proven to be an incredible timesaver… and how can you put a price on that! Sunny Murray, Long Beach, California, USA

I had been in the corporate world for about twenty years. I had worked for some Fortune 500 companies, such as Procter and Gamble and AT&T. I had positions working with Executives. And I gained a lot of valuable experience in these positions. I became very proficient in computer software skills.

While still in the corporate world, I had small businesses on the side, (i.e. Avon, Fundraising, and eBay). I realized I wanted to have a bigger business in my field, but did not know how to go about setting up a home business.

As the years went on, I also began to become more and more frustrated about office politics. So one year, I went through an experience that caused me to seriously consider working for myself as a secretary. I had no idea what a Virtual Assistant was.

So in my last year of working outside of the home, I began research into work at home businesses. But, I knew I had the skills to work in an office but I did not have the skills to run my own business. I was scared to take the step. Well after a lot of internet research, I found the VAC system. I purchased it and am very glad that I did. I was still working outside of the home, but I was determined to learn as much as I could.

Through the VAC system, I received a very firm foundation to start and grow my virtual assistant business. There are also motivational lessons and exercises that kept me going. And it is a system where I had to apply myself DAILY! This is very good because having my own business takes very, very hard work. The templates have come in very useful, because Tawyna gives you the basics of what is necessary. As I grew my business, I modified the templates or created my own.

The VAnetworking Forum also is a great resource. Many times I have posted a question to the group about a technical issue or how to approach a business situation that I have not encountered before. Every time someone has come through to help me. No matter how busy they are!

If you really need a foundation in beginning your virtual assistant business, the VBSS system gives you a very strong starting point. And you receive continual valuable support from the the VAnetworking forum to help you succeed in your business.

Roxanne Tidmore, Cincinnati, OH, USA www.elitereva.com

Starting a business can be an overwhelming process. However, with the Virtual Assistant Career, the process is streamlined, organized and very simple. I was able to follow the system step by step modules and launch my Virtual Assistant Company in an extremely timely manner. This system has become an valuable tool and resource for me and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is serious about starting a VA business. I also want to commend Tawnya for her excellent communication and customer service. Her responses to my questions and emails have always been extremely prompt and thorough. She is an amazing business woman and mentor to all. Thanks so much, Tawnya!!!

Kiera Newnam, Wilmington, DW, USA A Virtual Necessity

VAC is a great tool for starting a virtual assistant business. The templates that are included are great. The legal templates came in handy for me when I landed my first client because the retainer contract was exactly what I needed. All I did was change some of the language, added a few things and deleted the stuff I didn’t need and I was done. It was that simple. VAC had everything I needed and more to help me get my business off the ground. It was definitely money well spent. Tina Carter, Long Beach, CA, USA

The Virtual Assistant Career is the best due diligence information I have ever come across.  It is a complete office online training center for Virtual Assistants and I highly recommend this system as the perfect organizational tool. The templates alone are invaluable and if I had the purchase to make all over again, I’d do it in a hearbeat. Nancy Frye-Swope

I highly recommend Tawnya’s VAC System as the way to go if you are serious about getting your VA business up and running. The 30 day modules along with the recommended resources that are inside the training center are excellent resources and filled with all the info you need to get you going in your business start up as well as great for having on hand for any future questions that should arise. The templates have been awesome – many different forms that have saved on us not having to recreate the wheel! Tammy Bryce, Lacombe, AB, Canada

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