As virtual entrepreneurs it is very important to our business success to continually educate ourselves so we stand out from our competitors.

Every six months, I do this by attending NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System) workshop in Atlanta.

This workshop has been more valuable to my business success than any other event I’ve ever attended and I attend about 5-6 conferences per year.

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The first year I attended NAMS as a student and my business skyrocketed from all the resources, networking and knowledge I learned from the specialty niched instructors.  The second year, I attended as an instructor and taught everyone the value of utilizing a Virtual Assistant in their business.  The third year I am attending as an aid helped attendees, one on one, to help kick their online business up a notch or two or four!

My daughter Danielle attended with me and even WON the contest at NAMS4 for HIGHEST SALES!  Did I tell you she just started her online business one week before attending NAMS4?  😉

This year I’ll be attending as an instructor again and look forward to sharing my knowledge with you to help you kick things up a notch in your business. It would be super cool if you could make it so I could meet up with you there.

Attending this NAMS marketing workshop has been the best investment I have ever made in my business. And we all know you have to continually educate yourself if you want to be competitive in the online world of e-commerce.  You’ll learn everything you need to know to make money online with your website at this event.

What’s really cool this year however is that NAMS will also be going virtual.  You’ll get access to the virtual NAMS5 workshop virtually plus get to attend the NAMS6 in Atlanta in August all for the price of one live workshop.

Watch the video here to learn more

For the price of one workshop, you’ll get 6 months of top-notch instruction from 20 instructors including 3 days of virtual workshops, and 18 weekly sessions before attending NAMS6 in real-time in Atlanta.

This is definitely a virtual and real-time business getaway (Tax Write-off!) to Atlanta that will make your business a smashing profitable success. Don’t miss it! Register today. Even if you aren’t sure about attending Atlanta next August, the virtual workshops are so worth it!


I truly hope to meet you in person so sign up today! It is a marketing event not to be missed if you are serious about making money with your online business.

To your virtual success,

Tawnya Sutherland

PS: Tickets for this event always sell out early and with this special offer of 2 NAMS for the price of 1, it will go quick.  Don’t wait, click here to register today!

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