I have had the opportunity to attend Tawnya group coaching and one-on-one sessions. I can’t say there wasn’t a time I didn’t take away some knowledge and resourceful reference tools.  I’m, for the most part, a very self-taught person, but even so, it was beneficial to me, and it will be for you to latch on to getting her as a coach regularly to gain helpful insight into establishing or growing a business.

When I initially started my virtual assistance business, I knew my talents covered a variety of areas, which made it harder to figure out what I wanted my niche to be. During one of our coaching sessions, she offered ideas from observing my talents and made suggestions on how to go about in honing in on a niche.  I felt she provided me with a clearer path on how to move forward.

Also, she has been very supportive of my endeavor. I didn’t feel alone in my quest. She was easy to speak with and easily accessible. Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur has its challenges; it’s not easy, but if it were, everybody would do it! But, having someone like Tawnya who has been there and done that and continues to be a leader in the virtual world to provide advice and save you time from the wealth of experience she gained.  You should take it! I worked with several entrepreneurs with the startup of a business and designing their website and provided coaching with launching their company, step-by-step, templates, and so forth that saves countless hours, etc.  My point is the coaching saves you countless hours of researching and figuring it out, and make better choices. You’re mentored by someone that has the experience, the know-how on assisting you being more successful in your virtual business.

Angela Atanasio-Medeiros

My coaching sessions with Tawnya Sutherland were even better than I’d hoped. Tawnya had me fill out a questionnaire ahead of time, and she considered all of my answers before we even met. She tailored our coaching sessions to what I wanted and needed. Tawnya patiently worked with me on my website and editing service packages and helped me narrow my focus. After meeting with Tawnya, I felt motiVAted(!) and ready to take on the next steps for my VA business. Access to the recordings is a wonderful bonus because I can go back to them anytime to make sure I haven’t missed anything. THANK YOU, Tawnya!! What a blessing you are to the virtual assistant community!
Irene Chambers ~ www.itsabouttimeva.com

Tawnya is an amazing coach. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her one-on-one as one of her coaching clients. She helped me streamline my website, find my focus for a specific niche and create my very first product – a video course. Tawnya is very professional to work with and she always knows the best ways and resources to help her clients. She is an expert in the field of Virtual Assistance and Internet Marketing. I highly recommend Tawnya to any Virtual Assistant looking to take her business to the next level.
Sarah Santacroce ~ www.simplicitysmallbiz.com

When I was thinking about starting my Virtual Assistant business, I did a lot of research and ended up spending many hours at VAnetworking in the forum, taking all of the online classes and participating in the VAjot networking nights.  In the process, I have also gained a valuable mentor and a good friend. I invested in her VAC System and opened my business Time on Task VA Services. It was during all this training, networking and as part of my VAC process and setup that I got to know Tawnya Sutherland.

I signed on with Tawnya for additional coaching sessions and her advice and knowledge truly helped me propel my VA business forward. The level of knowledge she has of Internet Marketing and also everything Virtual Assistant related really gave me the boost I needed to get my business going and going well.

Her experiences are varied and very valuable; Tawnya started her own VA business from scratch and has many bits of advice that any new or newer VAs would do well to listen to and to take to heart. The support and coaching Tawnya provided me helped me build my VA business so that three years after starting, I now have a successful VA practice with a team of 5 VA associates and a very real goal this year of achieving a 6 figure business.

Kathy Colaiacovo ~ www.PepperItMarketing.com

Having Tawnya by your side to mentor you through the growing pains of entrepreneurship is invaluable! Tawnya was my secret weapon during those times in my business growth and development when I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to be successful. Not to mention that I couldn’t help but absorb her amazing (and proven) marketing intuition. If you’re looking for a generous, compassionate coach who will help you find your inner compass for biz success, call Tawnya Sutherland!
Karri Flatla ~ www.karriflatla.com

I was feeling very stuck.  I just ended a contract with a client that I had been working with for two years.  That client relationship started out with the agreement to work 10 hours per week.  However, it quickly turned into 50+ hours per week at times.  When we realized they needed a full-time person that could work during weekends and evenings, we amicably agreed to go our separate ways.  Since I put all of my eggs in one basket, I was almost back to square one in building my business.  I knew that I had great value to offer my clients, but I had no idea how to present my services and my website was 10 years old, very out of date to say the least.

I knew Tawnya from the #VAVS conferences she hosts.  I knew she was a leader in the industry and brought great value.  Her community brings together great speakers who are motivated, successful and who want to share their success. When I heard about Tawnya’s one on one coaching sessions, I jumped on it.  I knew some 1-on-1 time with Tawnya would get my butt unstuck and get fresh ideas and inspiration rolling.

As always, Tawnya over delivered and really inspired major action on my part to give my business a revamp and a rebrand.

Most importantly, I have gained confidence and clarity from these sessions.  I received validation from an expert in the field that I’m headed in the right direction! Also, I finally joined the VAinsiders Club.  There are so many resources available there.  I’ve been responding to RFPs from the job board, have had several interviews and was hired by two clients from posts there.

I really needed that one on one time with Tawnya to look over my particular skillset, suggest how to present my services and give me the confidence that I can offer the latest technologies even when I was reluctant and insecure.  I would tell her but-but-but, and she would reassure me.  You’ve got this.  I can see what you can do. You’ve got this!!

I am sincerely grateful to you, Tawnya for the coaching that you gave me.

Accomplishments as a Result of Tawnya’s MotiVAtor Coaching

  • Most importantly, I have gained confidence and clarity. Validation from an expert in the field that I’m headed in the right direction!
  • Defined and updated my services to language that was more up to date and areas of popular need
  • Created and fine-tuned my website
  • Updated LinkedIn Profile and connected with over 230 people from 20 something
  • Updated FB to include my business information
  • Created a Twitter account for business
  • Created Google+ account for business
  • Added Pay Buttons and defined my rates
  • Created a referral program and posted to the website. Then, used that link and a letter, she helped me refine to request referrals from my network.
  • Created a freebie from editing some PLR from a site she suggested and posted it to the website for with an opt-in form
  • Added a blog section to my website to use as a communication tool on SM as well as my list
  • Studied lots of product launch information as she suggested that would be a great niche from reviewing my skills and experience. I’m currently studying Product Launch Formula
  • Studied list building
  • Added coach focus to my website with the intention of focusing on coaches.
  • Created a referral request program with referral letter sent to many key people and received several referrals from the letter.
  • Further fine-tuned website added payment buttons, images, LinkedIn button, sprinkle testimonials, better flow, bottom menu and other items from Tawny’s recommendations.
  • Contacted current client about expanding services with suggestion from Tawnya
  • Created prospect process – interview and intake form, etc.
  • Created a plan on connecting directly with prospective clients without being pushy or too salesy!

Best Wishes to you!

Beth Berry ~ www.berry.services

After being in a virtual assistant business for a few years I decided to invest in Tawnya’s coaching to revamp my website. With her experience in the VA and affiliate industry, I knew I would get results. During our sessions, she put things in perspective and let me use my creativity. Now a year later, my site is going strong. My podcast, Virtual Team 360, is about ready to launch and Tawnya is on top of my list to be interviewed. The end result showed the investment paid off.
Collette Schultz ~ www.savvysubcontracting.com

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